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Rules and Tips for Submitting and Requesting Files

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Rules and Tips for Submitting and Requesting Files

Post by Nitekillr on Sat Jul 24, 2010 4:30 am

Rules and Tips for submitting and requesting files:


1. Your zip file must have a virus scan.
If you're going to submit a file, we need to know if it's a virus or not. All you need to do is submit it to and copy+paste the results (link too). If the file is too big, just come ask one of the admins/G.Mods for assistance, and we'll be glad to help. If there is a virus on it, you will be perma-banned.

2. No obscene or pornographic content.
I know, we all love porn. But then again, some of us are very offended by it. So to avoid being shunned, there is to be no pornography or obscenity of any kind. Anything of the sort will result in a perm-ban.

3. Be specific.
If you aren't going to be specific, we won't know what you mean. Saying "need wallpapers" isn't as helpful as "requesting 1920x1200 space wallpapers".

4. Be polite.
To sum this up quickly, I like to put it like this:
You'll say plz because it's shorter than please, so I'll say no because it's shorter than yes.


  • The website you use is very important. Something like is good for a big file, while is good for smaller files.
  • If there is installation, try including an installation guide.
  • Don't make huge paragraphs about your program. Remember: Summarizing is your friend.
  • Include previews of whatever it is you're posting. If it's wallpapers, post a wallpaper. If it's music, post the names of the songs. If it's a program, post screenshots of you using the program.

Hope this helped you guys out.
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